Beyonce Is Being Sued Over “LEMONADE” Visuals

Industry socialite Perez Hilton is reporting that Beyoncé is being sued for stealing her Lemonade trailer from a short film. Checkout the details below.

A week before Beyoncé rocked the world with Lemonade, she posted a trailer for the visual album on YouTube.
But according to a new lawsuit filed by an independent filmmaker, the high profile trailer totally ripped off his 2014 short film!

Matthew Fulks, who describes himself as both an indie filmmaker and creative director at Louisville based news station WDRB, claims Sony Music, Columbia Records, and even Bey’s Parkwood Entertainment were aware of his short film Palinoia before filming Lemonade.

In the complaint, Fulks claims after being contacted about the opportunity to direct a video for the Columbia-signed group MS MR, links to Palinoia were sent to Columbia Record’s Bryan Younce — who has been credited on Bey’s self-titled 2013 album.

The lawsuit alleges that in July 2015, Younce sent Fulks an email with an invitation to submit a treatment for consideration by Columbia.
Five months later, filming began for Lemonade. Hmmm… Fulks believes several elements of the Lemonade trailer were jacked from Palinoia – including visual similarities like “graffiti and persons with heads down,” “red persons with eyes obscured,” “parking garage,” “black and white eyes,” “the grass scene,” “side-lit ominous figures,” and more.

Not only is Fulks seeking profits “attributed to exploitation of his work,” but he also wants a cut of Lemonade sales!

Each one of those elements seems pretty generic, but taken as a whole…
Ch-ch-check out side-by-side comparisons of the two videos (below) to see if you think Bey will have to share her Lemonade with the filmmaker!







What do yall think?? Did Bey steal the clips?


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